Tim Gosling, founder of Gosling
If I were . . .

Tim Gosling founded Gosling in 2005. While the studio was originally focused on designing fine pieces of bespoke furniture, it soon expanded its offering to include interior design and marine. Clients span multi-starred hospitality, superyachts and private residential worldwide. Tim is also founder and leading Panto Dame of the Interior Designers’ Pantomime, which has raised significant funds for charity over the years. Last year, his Jack and the Blingstalk was dedicated to the late William Yeoward’s charity, Screw Cancer.

If I were a CAR, I would be one with running boards; old-fashioned but with delicious lines. I would hold the promise of speed, but with the dignity of an old horse .

If  I were BOOK, I would prefer to be one with a delicate design drawn onto the gilding on the edge – you would have to tilt the pages at an angle to reveal all.

If  I were a TREE, I would without question be a Cedar of Lebanon with broad, stretched-out branches and fine leaves shaped like ferns.

If  I were a BOAT, I  would like to be a rowing boat on a lake and would be painted Versailles blue.

If  I were a COCKTAIL, I would have drunk myself into a wonderful feeling of summer and forgotten my own name.

If  I were a COLOUR, I would peel off like an onion revealing a rainbow of wonderful colours, each one more extraordinary than the next.

If  I were a DANCE I would definitely be what the youth like to describe as a ‘happening’!

If  I were a FAIRYTALE, I would have to be a pantomime, something like Jack and The Blingstalk naturally.

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Tim Gosling