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Hélène de Saint Lager

In our view, Hélène makes the sort of furniture that Stanley Kubrick might have admired – a space age aesthetic of sculptural metal forms combined with bursts of wild colours and glittering surfaces. They are infused with her distinctive aesthetic, rooted in the use of familiar materials interpreted in unexpected ways.

For the past eighteen years, Hélène has created an extensive range of compelling works in her home-studio-laboratory on the outskirts of Paris. Admirers of these pieces include internationally renowned designers, such as Jacques Garcia, Jacques Grange and Peter Marino, who were among the first to detect the uniqueness of Hélène’s creations and to commission numerous and sometimes monumental works for their projects. In Garcia’s case, these include resin furniture for the Elsa Schiaparelli boutique in Paris, including an oversized flower-shaped table and swarms of butterflies frozen in flight along banisters and around mirrors.

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Hélène de Saint Lager is a graduate of the École du Louvre where she studied History of Art. Since then, her artistic career has included painting restoration, millinery creation, sculpture, casting, and metalwork. Today, she is best known for her furniture made of resin, which bridges the worlds of design and sculpture.

In addition to resin, Hélène uses bronze and aluminum to make tables, chairs, light fixtures, mirrors, and table sculptures. “The materials I use are dangerous, so I work with a metal caster,” says Hélène. “We pour ladles of molten metal into the hollows of sand moulds or on top of thick steel plates. The magma shivers like liquid mercury as it spreads, but the coolness of the air makes it settle and solidify almost instantly, petrifying the flow into currents.” It is this “embracing of the random” that gives her compositions such mesmerising depth and an almost hypnotic quality.

Hélène has also designed spectacular carpets that have been shown at Artcurial (Pierre-Alain Challier). She has had exhibitions of her work at Galerie du Passage (Pierre Passebon); Arcturus (Anne de la Roussière); and Galerie Yves and Victor Gastou.

Portrait of Hélène de Saint Lager