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Ben Rousseau

Ben is our design equivalent of Q in James Bond – always pushing the boundaries of technology to evolve his futuristic furniture and lighting designs. His radical take on design is a direct result of his love of sci-fi movies and automotive design. These twin passions have challenged him to regularly push the limits of technology, materials and manufacturing techniques.

That same sense of theatre and dramatic narrative is a key ingredient of his creative philosophy. Last year, he launched new editions of his own interpretation of the iconic Eero Aarnio Bubble Chair, beloved by Bond villains and Playboy playmates alike, including illuminated versions. These complement his Tempus edition of illuminated timepieces that double as kinetic artworks.

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Ben Rousseau studied Product and Industrial Design at Middlesex University having first embarked on graduate studies in 3D Design and Creative Model Making. Shortly after graduating, he founded Rousseau Design, which was originally focused on creating stage and lighting displays for commercial events. His passion and vision won him numerous awards and accolades, including a Gold medal at the Chelsea Flower Show. IDFX magazine hailed him as one of “the” designers to keep a close eye on.

This experience inspired him to produce editions of collectible design pieces, including highly engineered wall art, installations and sculptures. His work has been exhibited in institutions both UK and abroad, including the V&A Museum, the Grand Palais in Paris,  the London Olympics, Sketch and the Ice Hotel in Arctic Sweden. Ben’s work finds many enthusiasts among premier sportspeople, superstar DJ, X games skateboarders and Hollywood icons.

Ben Rousseau