Natalia Miyar, founder of Natalia Miyar Atelier
If I were . . .

Brought up in Mexico and then Miami, Natalia Miyar’s family originated from Cuba. She studied History of Art and Architecture at Brown University, Rhode Island and then subsequently Architecture at the University of Miami. She moved to London in 2007 and set up her eponymous atelier in 2016. Since then, she has been a regular on top designers’ lists, including the House & Garden Top 100 Designers, where she is lauded for her blend of glamour, tactility and practicality. She lives between London and Miami, running projects across the globe.

If I were a COCKTAIL, I would be a Negroni for its balanced and bold notes. Last Fall, I took a whirlwind trip to Venice. Of course, a trip to Venice is never complete without enjoying a Negroni at Harry’s Bar.

If I were a CITY, it would be Miami. Despite living in London for the past fifteen years, Miami will always be home. I recently purchased a historic property in Miami close to family and have spent the better part of the past year in lockdown fixing it up.

If I were a FABRIC, it would be something from The House of Le Manach by Pierre Frey. I love pattern, both monochrome and colour, so it is a big feature of my designs.

If I were a FLOWER, I would choose to be a bouquet of pink peonies from my favourite florist, John Carter Flowers.

If I were a COLOUR, it would be any shade of green. When I moved to Miami from Mexico as a child my visual world expanded to include the lush green of tropical plants alongside the magnificent turquoise sea. Since then, I have always been drawn to using these exhilarating hues in my interiors.

If I were a MUSICAL INSTRUMENT, I would be a saxophone for its warmth and depth. I love entertaining and hosting dinner parties at home. Putting on jazz music and setting a beautiful table with my vintage tableware – these small details enhance the experience, turning a casual weekday dinner party into a special evening.

If I were an ISLAND, I would be Cuba, particularly the city of Havana. From the unexpected architectural colour combinations to the refined Old-World detailing in the buildings, every corner has something which catches my eye. I love visiting to reconnect with my roots.
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Natalia Miyar