Grant Pierrus, Founder of Pierrus Agency, the Virtual Design Fair and Interior Style Hunter
If I were . . .

Having trained as an Interior Designer at Central Saint Martins and KLC School of Design, Grant Pierrus took the alter ego, Interior Style Hunter, as a way to share his passion and knowledge of interior design. In 2015, he founded Pierrus Agency as a brand consultancy for design businesses, helping them grow turnover and build global networks.

If I were a CAR, I would be a Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing and Roadster, because it’s a beautiful classic design and made during a period when craftsmanship was evident in the design of automobiles.

If I were a FLOWER, I would choose the freesia. I recently fell back in love with these flowers after discovering them at my local florist. A large vase of them injects colour and a subtle, elegant scent into a room.

If I were a FABRIC, I would be discovered at a vintage market in France. I would be something heavily embellished or textured and in a neutral palette. I imagine I would probably be best used to cover a headboard!

If I were a CITY, I would be London. I truly believe that London is the centre of the world. It’s a city that has helped me thrive, refine my craft and given me a global perspective. I don’t think I could live anywhere else.

If I were a SHOE, I’d be a handmade English boot that was as comfortable sloshing around on a moor as running off to lunch at Cecconi’s.

If I were a FAIRYTALE, it would have to be one set in a beautiful Bavarian castle. About twenty years ago I visited Neuschwanstein Castle with my sister and I’ve been totally entranced by that castle ever since. Perched high on a cliff, we rode up to it in a carriage in the middle of the winter: the magic has never left me.
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Grant Pierrus