Shalini Misra, Founder and Creative Director of her eponymous interior design studio
If I were . . .

Shalini Misra, Founder and Creative Director of her eponymous, award-winning interior design studio, which specialises in luxury private residences around the globe. The studio also numbers high-end commercial and hospitality projects within its extensive portfolio.

If I were a BIRD, I would be a Parakeet. They are playful, love to socialise and are highly intelligent. I love their original green shade and have taken inspiration from their plumage for my interior designs on many occasions. The Green Parakeet is a reminder to not be careless with time, energy or money. They also remind us to keep our energy clean and do whatever we need to do to stay on a path that helps our conscience remain clear.

If I were a FAIRYTALE CHARACTER, I would happily be Rapunzel if I had lots of books to read alone in my tower, where I could embrace the peace and quiet.

If I were a FLOWER, I would be a Lotus flower – ever since being a child, I have been fascinated by its striking colours, delicate exterior and deep, symbolic meaning. 
The Lotus has a life cycle unlike any other plant. With its roots latched into the mud, it submerges into river water as the moon rises and miraculously re-blooms the next morning, sparklingly clean. I associate it with rebirth, resilience and spiritual enlightenment and I admire it for its patience and will to live.

If I were an ISLAND, it would be St. Barts, because it is stunningly beautiful and yet understated. St. Barts is a taste of France in the Tropics, with a relaxed charm. I love the rolling hills, the curved coastline of white sands and the mesmerising sunsets.

If I were a SHOE, I would be an Aquazzura open-toed sandal. Aquazzura pay great attention to detail, having comfort and style in mind at all times. They are trend-setters, brave in their pattern creation and have a design for every customer. I also adore the gold pineapple emblem on the bottom of every pair!

If I were a FRUIT, I would be a grape, because I adore vineyards – their distinct romantic quality and the serenity and calmness they evoke. They are also found in beautiful locations around the world.
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Shalini Misra