Nicola Fontanella, founder of Argent Design
If I were . . .

Nicola Fontanella, founder of Argent Design, which has built up an extensive portfolio of luxury yachts, private jets and super-prime residences over the years.

If I were a SHAKESPEARE CHARACTER, I would be Viola from Twelfth Night. She makes her own way in the world by disguising herself as a man to gain respect and make her voice heard. It’s a great example of doing what you have to do to succeed in this challenging and sometimes unfair world.

If I were a COLOUR, I would be amethyst . . . my favourite healing crystal. It’s a powerful and protective stone which relieves stress and warns off any bad vibes.

If I  were a FILM, I would be ‘Joy’. This is about a young woman who has to overcome hardships and social barriers in her life. She sets her goals, manifests love and success to move up in the world, letting nothing and nobody hold her back. She’s a woman that really knows her worth.

If I  were a CITY, I would love to be Florence. To my eyes, this is the most spectacular city in the world. It’s filled with outstanding architecture, delicious food and with an opulent overspill of creativity, artistic talent and fine jewellery – it’s also the birthplace of the Renaissance. All of this enriches me with inspiration for my own designs.

If I were a FAIRYTALE, I would be Cinderella. A real success story. She overcomes hardships, rises from rags to riches – and gets to marry her Prince Charming!

If I were a GAME, I would definitely be Monopoly.  A bit like my life, Monopoly is a strategic game with highs and lows . . . but with the right tactics you have the ability to use smart manoeuvres to build an empire. You either sink or swim in life and I like to think I’m a swimmer.

If I were a SUPERHERO, I would want to be Lara Croft. I see her as a strong and intelligent woman. She’s an international explorer (like myself looking for wonderful suppliers around the globe) and she likes to push the envelope whilst also being super athletic and HOT – my style of woman!
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Nicola Fontanella