Laura Hammett, award winning interior designer
If I were . . .

Laura Hammett founded her eponymous London studio in 2008 with her husband, Aaaron. Since then the multi-award winning practice has worked on luxurious private residences across the globe, including India, Abu Dhabi, the UAE, China, New York, Miami, Brussels Athens, Paris and the UK. Commercial and aviation projects are also part of the current portfolio.

If I were a TREE, I would be a willow. My daughter is named after one and I find them so emotive with their huge draping branches. Walking under one feels like a hug from nature, and they are often next to water making them even more picturesque.

If I were a CITY, I would be London. Despite having just left to move to Hampshire, London has been my home from birth and where my family have been for generations. To me, it will always be the centre of the world.

If I were an ISLAND, I would choose Formentera in Spain. I have been visiting there my whole life with family, and then in recent years have made an annual trip with two best friends. For us it’s not about visiting for lunch from Ibiza, but about staying locally, driving mopeds and drinking cocktails on the beach at sunset.

If I were a SONG, it would be Israel Kamakawiwo’ole’s ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ because that’s what I walked down the aisle to at our wedding in Tuscany.

If I were a FILM, it would be Paddington 2. It’s a family favourite in our house and I think it’s the most beautifully made film, from the set design to the heart-warming narrative.

If I were a FABRIC, I would choose to be an impossibly expensive cashmere, because I’m always cold and choose comfort every time.
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Laura Hammett