Martin Waller, founder of Andrew Martin
If I were . . .

Martin Waller is the founder of Andrew Martin, which he founded in 1978, and which remains the must-visit destination for the design cognoscenti. In 1996, he launched the Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year award, recognised as the ‘Oscars of the design world’. Much of his inspiration is derived from his own travels and adventures: dubbed ‘the Indiana Jones of design’, he has hunted for mammoth in Siberia, traded with head hunters in Nagaland and searched for lost cities in the jungles of Guatemala. In 2007, he captained the England team to the Elephant Polo World Championships in Nepal. No surprise then that he has appeared in the Evening Standard’s list of 1000 Most Influential Londoners. He has also been personally involved in a wide spectrum of design projects all over the world, from movies (James Bond, Gladiator, Harry Potter) to multi-starred hotels and elite corporate headquarters.

If I were a City, it would be Timbuktu because my best days are long in the past (and even those probably weren’t as splendid as reputed).

If I were a HAT, I would choose to be a Top Hat. My father was a bill broker and had to wear a top hat every day to the City. I’m always the top hat in Monopoly!

If I were a SHAKESPEARE CHARACTER, it would be King Lear: I can already sense the kids picking out the home for the terminally bewildered and dividing the kingdom between them.

If I were a SONG, it would be Born Free sung by Matt Monro. I was born in Kenya (where the movie is set) and into a generation that has been lucky enough to enjoy a freedom probably unparalleled in human history.

If I were a BOAT, it would be the Kon-Tiki, because Thor Heyerdahl’s epic raft expedition across the Pacific embodies everything I believe about travel and exploration.

If I were a PLANET, definitely Saturn. I’ve had so many rings run round me.

If I were a FRUIT, I would like to be a Tangerine. My grandfather is buried in Tangier, my father was born there, and as a child I spent many happy days there.
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Martin Waller