Martin Kemp: Leading interior designer and founder of Martin Kemp Design
If I were . . .

Martin Kemp: Leading interior designer and founder of Martin Kemp Design, whose extensive portfolio includes private residences, country estates, aviation and superyachts around the world.

If I were a CAR, I would be a Lagonda: rare, unique, almost unheard of, quintessentially stylish and always associated with quality. These cars in all their forms continue to epitomise distinction to me.

If I were a SONG, it would be ‘Something Good’ from The Sound of Music, joyous and tearful in equal measure – moving, conclusive and full of love

If I were a BOOK, it would be ‘The Escape of Charles II: After the Battle of Worcester’, by Richard Ollard, which is filled with history and is rich in detail, from the blisters on Charles’s feet to the weather of each day. It is alive with the characters who assisted Charles and his supporting entourage, and I feel transported to the King’s side every time I read it.

If I were a CITY – Los Angeles: impartial, open-minded, filled with creativity, style and fun. No wonder I make it my second home.

If I were an ICE-CREAM FLAVOUR, it would be Black Cherry – bittersweet, rich, mild, distinctive with a love-it or hate-it flavour.

If I were a BOAT, I would choose to be a Fairey Huntsman: rakish, practical, comfortable, classy and very versatile. It can go from gentle canal cruising one day to high speed getaways across the bay of St Tropez the next.
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Martin Kemp