Nina Campbell: legendary interior designer
If I were . . .

If I were a CAR, I would choose to be a Facel Vega because it is so glamorous, mainly because there were so few and only really known by car lovers. I spent a happy summer being driven in one around Biarritz.

If I were a MUSICAL INSTRUMENT, it would be a violin, but only if I could be a Stradivarius – as then I would be played by a brilliant violinist.

I were a SHOE, I would be a pair of tap shoes, so I could dance all night!

If I were an ICE-CREAM FLAVOUR, I would be the original Annabel’s bitter chocolate ice cream, because it was the absolute best.

If I were a GAME, I would be a pack of cards – I would like to deal myself a good hand!

If I were a TREE, I would choose to be a palm tree and live in the Bahamas.
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Nina Campbell, interior designer