Jenny Weiss, co-director of Hill House Interiors
If I were . . .

Jenny Weiss is co-director of Hill House Interiors, which she founded with Helen Bygraves twenty years’ ago. Since then the studio has grown into an international design force, running projects across the globe and winning numerous awards.

If I were a DANCE, it would be the Salsa. I couldn’t live without music and the Salsa is the very essence of life – infectious rhythm, high energy, excitement and underlying passion.

If I were a FILM, I would choose Life is Beautiful. It is full of hope – proof that joy can be found in the simplest of things and that love is everlasting

If I were a COLOUR, I would be Fuchsia Pink. It is uplifting and vibrant – a combination of drama, strength and softness.

If I were a BOOK, it would be The Secret by Rhonda Byrne: confirmation that we all have the power to influence and create magic in our lives. By changing the way we think and using the laws of attraction and gratitude, the possibilities are endless. It had a profound effect on me and the way I live my life.

If I were a FICTIONAL CHARACTER, I would choose to be Neytiri from Avatar. She is adventurous and independent as well as being deeply spiritual . . . she also delivers my favourite romantic words ever spoken, “I See You”.

If I were a CITY, it would have to be Paris – for the beautiful architecture, incredible style and of course the romance.

If I were an ISLAND, I would choose to be Bali: beyond the stunning beaches and mystical sacred temples, Bali has every kind of natural beauty. Its peaceful energy, serenity and magic make it my spiritual home.

If I were a COCKTAIL, Gin Fizz – effervescent, vivacious and bubbly.

If I were a SONG, I would choose to be Young at Heart. My brother calls me his “forever young big sister”. I strongly believe that when you have passion, excitement and enthusiasm you always will be Young at Heart.

Jenny Weiss