Fran Hickman, founder of Fran Hickman interior and architectural design studio
If I were . . .

Fran Hickman founded her eponymous interior and architectural design studio in 2014, driven by a profound belief in the capacity of design to shape how people behave. Now with an office in New York as well as the London studio, her projects span three continents encompassing private, commercial and hospitality.

If I were a CAR, it would be my black-and-white 1967 Mercedes-Benz Pagoda, which elevates the everyday through sheer force of style.

If I were a FABRIC, I would choose to be Calico. I admire its shape-shifting capability – how with a little thought and imagination this course, rough material transforms into something altogether more refined.

If I were a CITY, London! I was born and bred here and I love it for its independent spirit and strength, wit, reserve, manners and regard for tradition.

If I were an ICE-CREAM FLAVOUR, it would be Chocolate and Hazelnut, which tastes more like a healthy indulgence than something over sweet.

If I were a TYPEFACE, I would choose to be Optima, our brand typeface. Described as distinctive, legible and versatile, it both stands out and fits in.

If I were a COCKTAIL, it would be a dry gin Martini with a twist because I like it clean.

If I were a COLOUR: Black. One of my favourite books is In Praise of Shadows by Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, “Were it not for shadows, there would be no beauty”.
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Fran Hickman