Ewa Eidsgaard, one of the founding directors of Harrison Eidsgaard
If I were . . .

Ewa Eidsgaard is one of the founding directors of Harrison Eidsgaard, along with her husband, Peder, and Ben Harrison. Founded in 2005, it has become one of the most sought-after names in the superyacht industry. The studio takes on elite projects across the world that span yacht architecture, yacht interiors, aviation architecture, aviation interiors and private residences.

If I were a CAR, I would be an Aston Martin V8 (1968-89) – a unique blend of Aston’s pedigree with an unmistakable 70s bad-girl attitude and a lot of confidence to boot. It suits women. Vroom!

If I were a FLOWER, I would choose Peonies. They are larger than life and deliver buckets of perfumed volume.

If I were a FABRIC, I would like to be a Loro Piana cashmere in charcoal grey. It exudes understated quality and makes the wearer feel incredibly spoilt.

If I were a FRUIT, a peach! It’s lovely to touch, it smells divine and it’s dripping with flavour. I used to pick them from my grandfather’s garden in Poland when I was a child.

If I were a FILM, I would be Bitter Moon by Roman Polanski. It’s a subtle film, but saturated with explosive feelings of passion, love, revenge and hate. It leaves you shaken for a while!

If I were a PLANET, the Moon! I am obsessed by it. I stalk it through the telescope during the summer nights in Norway (Peder is from Norway) – it’s a constant reminder of how small we are in the Universe and how vast Space is.

If I were a TREE, I would be a pine tree – they always remind of the seaside and holidays. They smell wonderful.

If I were a COLOUR, it would have to be white. It is mind-boggling to think that white is a mixture of all colours. It is universally flattering, pure, and – unbelievably – comes in so many shades.

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Ewa Eidsgaard