Dickie Bannenberg, Company Leader of Bannenberg & Rowell
If I were . . .

Dickie Bannenberg is Company Leader of Bannenberg & Rowell, the direct descendant of the convention-breaking studio established by his father, Jon. As well as the superyachts for which they are rightly famous, Bannenberg & Rowell also create private homes and residential developments for clients across the globe.

If I were a FABRIC, it would be Grey Flannel – smoothish, traditionalish, but not disappearing into the crowd. I could be made into a suit if necessary.

If I were a CITY, Amsterdam – old and new, with frequent opportunities to say ‘we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it’. Takes a while to get to know well.

If I were a BIRD, it would be a (male) Mallard – I just like the whole colour scheme and would love to have an iridescent green snood. They also make me think of my daughter Ella who asked ‘How do we know he’s a boy?’ when I was holding one.

If I were an ICE-CREAM FLAVOUR, it would be premium vanilla. Goes with everything.

If I were a TYPEFACE, I would choose to be the Johnston Sans – the London Transport typeface. Nerdy of me, I realise, but I am a Londoner. It’s easy to read and I can be plastered on buses and tubes.

If I were a COLOUR – blue. Not Barclays Bank blue, which was pronounced illegal by my Dad, but Greek fishing boat blue, which has a sunny disposition and copes well with Retsina.

If I were a SUPERHERO, I would be Virgil from Thunderbirds. Calm and with lots of different bits of kit to play with and with which to help out.


Dickie Bannenberg