Andrew Winch, founder and creative director of Winch Design
If I were . . .

Andrew Winch, founder and creative director of Winch Design, is recognised as one of the world’s leading superyacht designers. Over the last thirty-four years, he has expanded the studio into the wider areas of aviation, architecture and interior design. During the COVID crisis, he launched ‘Under Winch’s Wing’ to support small suppliers and craftspeople.

If I were a CAR, I would be the Citroen 2CV: I bought my very first car, a Citroen, for £450. It taught me a lot about design, because it has such simplicity that it is a unique model in motor history. It never tried to go too fast or furious, but was economical in its structure.

If I were a BOOK, I would choose ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ by Richard Bach. Jonathan continues to find qualities in life not only to experience, but to fly higher and further into new adventures.

If I were a SHOE, it would be one made by the wonderful James Ducker, co-founder of Carréducker ( I am currently having a pair of shoes made by James, which I cannot wait to wear. The bespoke, tailoring aspect is a process of culture and pleasure. I’m hoping that wearing the shoes will bring a feeling of confidence and comfort.

If I were a TREE, it would be the Oak. When I reached the age of forty, David Barker painted a picture of an Oak tree for me and said, ‘If you were an Oak you are still only young, with many more years to grow bigger and taller’.

If I were a BOAT, it would be the Gunter Rig Gill, a little dinghy in which I first learnt to sail that gave me the experiences and confidence to sail for the rest of my life and enjoy being on the water.

If I were a COLOUR, I would choose to be Blue: the colour of the ocean and sky.

If I were a HAT, it would be a baseball cap: I have worn so many and have one from every yacht we have ever launched – I must have at least two hundred of them. I find them all comfortable and helpful with my red hair and the sunshine!
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Andrew Winch