Sea Garden panels

Sea Garden Panels (2019) by Geoffrey Preston MBE

These two flower panels were modelled in clay and cast in plaster, taking sixteen weeks to make originally.

Their creation was prompted by a fabulous commission from The Goring Hotel. An octopus inhabits one panel and a cuttlefish the other. The seaweeds are commonly found on British shores and include Sea Belt, Bladderwrack, Purple Laver, Furbelows and Peacock’s Tail. Their serpentine shapes and long flowing curves echo the scrolling acanthus leaf shapes found in Rococo decoration. Marine botanical illustrations, such as the work of the 19th-century zoologist Ernst Haeckel, were also an inspiration.

Each panel measures W140cm x H231cm. Allow six weeks lead time.

Unique work (the mould is now destroyed).

Price: £50,000 + VAT

About Geoffrey Preston

We are intrigued and delighted by how Geoffrey’s plasterwork adds depth, texture and vitality to a room, transforming a plain canvas into an interior of subtle, and at times dramatic, beauty.

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