Flower Garden

Flower Garden (2018) by Geoffrey Preston MBE

These two flower panels were modelled in clay and cast in plaster, taking sixteen weeks to make originally. They are a joyful exploration of the language of modelling; developing forms and building on techniques. The clay is used almost as a drawing medium and shapes emerge from the background and recede back into it, as in nature. These are original, expressively modelled sculptural pieces full of energy and rhythm.

They are a limited edition of three pairs, with each pair cast to order, signed and numbered.

Each panel measures W120cm x H199cm. Allow six weeks lead time.

Price: £40,000 + VAT

About Geoffrey Preston

We are intrigued and delighted by how Geoffrey’s plasterwork adds depth, texture and vitality to a room, transforming a plain canvas into an interior of subtle, and at times dramatic, beauty.

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