Orchid by Thomas Joynes

Copper on stainless steel plinth


77cm H (inc plinth) x 60cm W x 20cm D

Price: £19,000 + VAT

Orchid resulted from Thomas’s long fascination with the works of Naum Gabo and his role in the Constructivism movement. One of Gabo’s pieces that was of particular influence to him from college days was ‘Spheric Theme’, a beautifully simple and aesthetic form. Thomas had the idea to use this concept, which was primarily derived from Gabo’s interest in ‘negative-space’ – creating sculptures that give the impression of more mass and volume that they actually have. He realised that by using the contours of ‘Spheric Theme’ as the frame, he could cast a striking solid form within the confines of this space. Thomas considers Orchid to be the most dynamic sculpture he has designed and made. There is not a single straight or flat element and no surface or edge have the same contour. While it is an edition of 19, within this clients can specify many different colours and finishes of patination.

About Thomas Joynes

Versatile sculptor who takes inspiration from 20th-century greats such as Dame Barbara Hepworth, Naum Gabo and Henry Moore.

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