Mini Casetta by Riccardo Monte

Mini Casetta by Riccardo Monte

Mini casetta means ‘little house’ in Italian and these are made from spruce sourced from a forest close to Riccardo’s own mountain cabin in Cortevecchio. Each sculpture is unique in shape and form. Casetta are hand-carved, hand-finished and available either charred or natural. As well as being beautiful objects, they have a tactile quality that makes them particularly desirable.

Each Mini Casetta is unique.

Approx Height 20cm x Width 20cm x Depth 7cm.

Price: £160 per pair (excluding VAT and delivery)

About Riccardo Monte

Joy’s work transports us to her ‘other universe’ of a natural world more poetical and fantastical than the one most of us usually inhabit, an enchanted forest of her own devising.

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