Charred Larch Bench

Charred Larch Bench (2022)


W250cm x H45cm x D22.5cm

Inspired by the regional tradition of the Walser architecture of the Alps, the
Charred Larch Bench emblematises a process that rests on authenticity and simplicity. Carved from local larch grown in the high peaks of the Italian Alps, the bench has been assembled using only timber nails. It is finished with the ancient Japanese technique of shou sugi ban, the art of preserving wood using fire. The charring both protects the timber and creates a beautiful lustre and smoothness to the wood’s surface. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Any movements, cracks or changes in the appearance of the wood are intrinsic characteristics of these items and result from the natural settlement and diverse environmental conditions of the wood and should be expected. If used outside, the intensity of the charred timber will fade to grey over time.

Price: £4500 (excluding VAT and delivery)

About Riccardo Monte

Joy’s work transports us to her ‘other universe’ of a natural world more poetical and fantastical than the one most of us usually inhabit, an enchanted forest of her own devising.

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