Coalesce by Thomas Joynes

Cast bronze and polished black granite.

60cm H (inc 20cm H plinth). Weight 20kg approx.

Unique 1/1.

Price: £8000 + VAT

Coalesce follows a range of works that Thomas developed from exploring paper folding and pleating. After coming across the paper works of British artist, Richard Sweeney, he fell in love with the fluid nature and organic forms that could be achieved by cutting, folding and pleating pieces of paper. After folding, the sheet of paper can be cut and then slowly bent and manipulated to create the desired form. The process is long and demands patience, but is very rewarding artistically. Once Thomas had achieved the desired folded paper form, he then spent weeks applying wax and building up a consistently thick layer all over the form. The most time-consuming part of the process was smoothing off the wax to achieve a satisfying finish and create a mould using the ancient technique of lost-wax casting, which in turn made it possible to create the form in bronze. While most suited for interior display, Coalesce can be displayed outside if care is taken to maintain the patina finish. It is presented on a polished, black granite pedestal.

About Thomas Joynes

Versatile sculptor who takes inspiration from 20th-century greats such as Dame Barbara Hepworth, Naum Gabo and Henry Moore.

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