Valéria Nascimento’s Lockdown in Greater London

Where did you spend lockdown and who with?

At home with my husband – and in my studio, which is twenty-minutes’ walking distance from my house. We live close to Bushy Park in West London, so were fortunate enough to enjoy long walks there during the beautiful spring and summer we were fortunate to have.

What did you find most difficult about it?

Watching the news and seeing all the stressful and sad situations in the hospitals.

Were there any unexpected blessings?

Having plenty of commissions to work on, including for galleries that represent my work in New York and Los Angeles. I also had more time to create and develop some design concepts for brand new works.

What did it teach you about yourself?

That it is important to remain as positive and level-headed as possible amidst difficult situations, and that I am stronger than I thought. I also realised that I should dedicate more time to care for myself, as normally I dedicate most of my time to my work and put my own needs aside.

How do you feel now as life returns to ‘normal’?

I definitely feel better, but there is a cloud of uncertainty about the future and how we are going to face Covid-19 during the winter months.

What would be your advice to yourself if we go into future lockdowns?

Work, work, work – and be kind to yourself.

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Valéria Nascimento in her studio