Sophie Ashby: leading interior designer and founder of Studio Ashby
If I were . . .

If I were a CAR, I would be a convertible, white, 1960s Mercedes like the SL 230: understated, timeless and the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. And contrary to popular belief, I’ve always thought white cars very chic.

If I were a FRUIT, it would be a Peach – nothing beats a perfectly ripe, chubby peach on a hot summer’s day.

If I were a FILM, I would choose ‘Out of Africa’ – I’m hopelessly romantic and am in love with Meryl, Robert, Africa, nature, wildlife, big horizons and sunsets.

If I were a BIRD, a Mandarin Duck – I’d like to choose something more graceful and energetic but I am truthfully quite lazy and fancy mostly floating on a pond with no major predators, looking as lovely as possible.

If I were a PLANET, I would choose to be Venus – bright, warm and named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. Sounds about perfect to me.

If I were an ICE-CREAM FLAVOUR, Pistachio – unique, strong, a touch nutty but smooth and fresh too.

If I were a TREE, a Cluster Pine – towering, elegant and friendly, they have been a constant in my life, from Cape Town to Devon and Portugal. Their presence and smell makes me feel sentimental for my childhood.

If I were a SHAKESPEARE CHARACTER, I would choose to be Viola in Twelfth Night – for her feminist temerity and the lengths she took to avoid a life of domestic servitude, to which I can relate.

If I were a COLOUR, Yellow – to mimic my ultimate muse, sunshine.
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Sophie Ashby, interior designer