Riccardo Monte . . . Studio Visit

What does your studio look like today?

I just moved into an old warehouse, part of a sawmill factory here in my little village. It’s a very rough space at the moment but I am working to make it a great place. The light is very beautiful, very peaceful and overlooking outstanding mountains peaks (like the ones in my paintings), covered in forests.

Here I have the chance of more space and freedom, working on my new collection of furniture, such as the side table made with beautiful cypress wood.

My drawings are made in my home, in front of the fire with all my books and my wines…..

What are the first steps you take when starting a new piece of work?

When drawing, the first thing I do is go up to my mountain cabin, find the right spot (which can be high on the top of a peak ) and start sketching. Searching for the most exciting shapes come naturally, I truly love these moments of solitude in the wild of the Alps.

With my timber work, I spend lots of time contemplating the timber – its shape, its character and the details of knots, cracks, grain and patterns. Then it all comes naturally. I believe my input should be as minimal as possible: I try to let the timber speak for itself.

What would we find in your studio that is unexpected?

Not only a studio . . . but a way of living.

If you could own one piece of art by someone else, what would it be?

A painting by the Swiss artist, Conrad Jon Godly, full of power of the mountain . . .

What is the best thing someone has ever said about your work?

I love it when children say “oh that’s nice!” Then I know I am on the right path.

What is your dream commission?

A sculpture for the square of the Duomo – the Cathedral of Milan. All the marble of the cathedral comes from a quarry that I can see from my home. Since the 13th century, the marble was quarried and transported to Milan by water routes – rivers, lakes and the canals. I would love to make something related to this story, the story of my land, our culture and tradition.
This is a real dream…

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Riccardo Monte at work