Reflections with Jessica Zoob

What are you most excited about for 2021?

The possibility of creating a new studio /gallery in Hong Kong. My husband is based here and it’s looking like I may have to be here much more than I had planned to be, so I’m starting to explore possibilities to expand my practice over here. Usually I spend half the year in Hong Kong and half the year back home in the Sussex countryside.

Where are you most hoping to travel once restrictions are lifted?

Home to Sussex to see my daughters, family and friends!!

Do you have anything new on horizon?

I have almost completed a new collection of miniatures and am investing the possibilities of working on a larger scale, as I am so excited and inspired by the beauty on my doorstep in Asia. I have recently discovered a beautiful island with bustling markets, extraordinary street art in hidden alleyways, intriguing temples and clear blue water. Trying to capture the essence of all of that will keep me intensely occupied for a while!!

What would you like to achieve by the end of 2021?

If I can find a suitable space to set up a studio/ gallery over here that would be amazing. It wasn’t my plan as I had hoped to be doing that at home in England, but these are strange and unpredictable times.

What would we find in your studio right now?

Lots of half-finished, small paintings that are demanding my attention.

What is your general mood as we enter a new year?

Hugely grateful to have survived 2020! It has been extraordinarily challenging, in both the obvious and also many unexpected ways. Only yesterday I had a very close encounter with a very large snake! Am just happy to be here and very much looking forward to a safer future where I can spend time with my loved ones and show my work again.

If you could time travel, what would you say to the you of January 2020?

Don’t go in a hot sauna before eating breakfast as you will faint and smash your head! Do appreciate everything you have, as so many simple things will become impossible – and carry on learning to meditate as you will need it in the months ahead.

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Spring Water by Jessica Zoob