Ben Rousseau’s California Lockdown

Where did you spend lockdown and who with?

In Manhattan Beach with my wife, daughter, son, George Michael (the cat) and my tropical fish.

What did you find most difficult about the experience?

Schooling the kids between work and surfing.

Were there any unexpected blessings?

I had time to design a new Tempus timepiece, renovate my house . . . and surfing! I also created a collection of artwork using old vinyl records and CDs.

What did it teach you about yourself?

That I like having time to focus without one hundred deadlines attacking my creativity. I intend to be more protective of my time and more inclined to turn projects down.

Are you optimistic or fearful about the future?

Optimistic. I’m excited to start showing the US market my Tempus timepieces and Bubble Chairs.

What sights, smells and sounds will you associate with lockdown?

The smell of burning vinyl and CDs. The view from Palos Verdes hilltops on my early morning cycles from which I could see everything from burning cities during the LA riots, the red hues of wilderness fires, and the utter beauty of this magical area.

What would be your advice to yourself if we go into future lockdowns?

Keep the kids stimulated, help keep the wife stress free, exercise regularly and plan well for any materials I need to use for creating projects.

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Ben Rousseau in his studio