Panchetta Gultur by Riccardo Monte

Panchetta Galtur by Riccardo Monte

Using one piece of timber, Riccardo has carved out the panchetta form from a cedar tree trunk. He has then bevelled linear grooves out of the timber, creating a dynamic textural pattern. On each end of the bench he has left the beautiful natural textures apparent from the making process. Any veining, movements and changes in the appearance of the wood are the result from the natural settlement of the wood and are intrinsic characteristics of this product.

Timber : Cedar
Finish : Natural
Dimensions : Width 134 x Height 30 x Depth 30 cm Circa
Weight : 35 kg

Price: £1,800 (excluding VAT and delivery)

About Riccardo Monte

Joy’s work transports us to her ‘other universe’ of a natural world more poetical and fantastical than the one most of us usually inhabit, an enchanted forest of her own devising.

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